Black Anchor Tattoo Studio; located in the Heart of the South West
 The greatest range in Tattoo Artistic ability the South West has to offer!
We are 100% Self Employed at Black Anchor with Award Winning Artist
Danny Turner running the show!
Our other amazing artists include
Danielle Decay, Tamalee Kate and Jessica Louise and our upcoming artist Shar Freeman.
We also have the piercing lords Adam Hall and Sam Smyth and beauty therapist Brittany Dillon.


The Artists and Staff at Black Anchor strive to create the best quality Tattoos by continuously educating ourselves in techniques and styles, as well as attending numerous Tattoo Conventions across Australia and learning what we can from artists around the world!


Our Services include custom tattoo work, piercings, body modifications and brow feathering. We also sell a range of numbing creams, aftercare, body jewellery, gift items and custom Black Anchor Mech. Gift Vouchers also available to use on anything in store!

We are a highly professional and  hold hygiene to the highest standards. All the Artists and Staff have completed formal training and exams in Maintenance and Infection Control Courses. We will always endeavour to create a fun and exciting environment for you and your friends! While you are getting inked, your friends can enjoy our pool table or simply chill out in our Lounge!

So come in for a free consult, have a look around and make your booking with us!

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