Tattoo Artists 

Danny Turner has over 15 years of experience in tattooing and has travelled all over the country to refine his skill set.
 Danny is a hotly versatile and sought after artist.  He can do anything from portraits to little jammers.



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Danielle Decay is an amazing artist 
she specialises in Watercolour/Abstract Tattoos, Realism, Neo Traditional and New School in both Colour and Black and Grey!


Tamalee Kate is a powerhouse artist who loves to ink Old School/Traditional, Neo Traditional and Realism all in Colour and Black and Grey but can also do custom in any style asked for.

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Jessica Louise is an  awesome artist who enjoys doing fine line designs in Black and Grey, Realism, Mandala and Watercolour tattoos but she's very versatile and can tailor a tattoo in any genre

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Shar Freeman is a promising tattoo artist. She is an exhibiting artist who enjoys drawing nature and using bright colours. Under the tutelage of the other artists at Black Anchor she is now doing small pieces.

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Piercing and Body Mods

Adam Hall is the owner of Shotgun Body Modification & Professional Body Piercing. With over 16 years in the industry and literally thousands of satisfied customers he can help you on your piercing or body mod journey no matter how big or small.

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Sam Smyth is the face and (very loud) voice of the shop. He also is a professional  body piercer and tattoo machine builder. An all round comedian Sam is an integral part of the shop and helps it to be a welcoming and smooth running place to visit. He does amazing piercings and always has enough time to give out lollipops and keep you hydrated during your time in the studio. 

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Beauty Therapist

Brittany Dillon  has been a qualified beauty therapist for 5 years. She loves making people feel and look beautiful. Britt developed a fascination for brows and decided to further her qualifications and learn eyebrow feathering. She now works by appointment out of the studio giving people that perfect brow.

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